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The following document states the Denver String Academy policies. Each parent and/or student will be required to sign the contract at the end of this document acknowledging they understand the policies and procedures. 

Denver String Academy Studio Policies


Lindsay Genadek and The Denver String Academy is committed to nurturing and supporting each student’s musical education by providing quality education from a highly qualified teacher. In order to do this effectively, the following policies for the studio have been put into effect. Please read through carefully and sign the agreement form at the end.


Payment Information:

Tuition is due at the first of the month. Payments can be made on-line or by check. (If paying by check, a $35.00 fee will be added to your bill if the check is returned.) Payments received after the 1st of the month will be charged an additional $25.00 late fee on the current month’s bill.

There will be no refunds given! Please see the Attendance Policy section for more information.


Tuition and Class Rates (2020-2021):


​Private Lessons:

  • 30 minutes - $35.00

  • 45 minutes - $45.00

  • 60 minutes - $60.00


** Lessons are billed monthly by adding up the number of sessions that will occur during the month in question, taking into account any holidays where our location would be closed (e.g., a student who receives four 45-minute lessons will be billed $180.) **

If you are in need of financial assistance, please apply here:


Attendance Policy:

Classes and lessons will be scheduled on the same day and same time each week. Please arrive 5 minutes early so you have time to unpack and get settled. Please unpack in the living room down stairs and wait for your lesson to begin if there is a lesson prior to yours. It is important that you bring all your lesson materials including your notebook.

Please give a 24 hour notice if a lesson will be missed. If a time is available for a make-up lesson, it can be rescheduled. If a lesson is missed without a timely notification, there will be no make-up lesson and the lesson will not be refunded.


In Case of Emergencies:


Life happens! I understand that emergencies happen too. If such an event takes place and a lesson must be missed by you or myself, that lesson will either be rescheduled or the lesson will be credited to your next month’s tuition.




Please be courteous to the entire studio and stay home if you or your child are sick. If a child was too ill to attend school, they are too ill to come to lessons. If you or your child have had a fever or have vomited in the past 24 hours, please stay home as well. I am happy to

reschedule a lesson when your child is feeling better!


Bad Weather:


In the event that a bad snow storm occurs on your lesson day, I will call and together we will decide if it is safe for you to drive to lessons. If the lesson is canceled due to bad road conditions, your lesson will be rescheduled.


Studio Rules:


Please know that the studio is a home shared by multiple humans and pets. Please take off your shoes upon entering the house and go immediately downstairs. Please do not wander around the house into rooms other than the ones designated as part of the music studio.

Siblings are more than welcome to attend lessons with parents as long as they are well-behaved and can play quietly. All siblings that attend lessons must be supervised by parents at all times and are not allowed to wander around the house. There will be toys and games available in the living room to keep siblings occupied.

Teacher Expectations:

  • Families and students will be treated with care and respect.

  • I will come prepared for each lesson.

  • I will adapt my teaching to meet each students’ individual needs and provide quality instruction for each stage of the student’s musical development.

  • I will be on time for each lesson.

  • I will create a positive learning environment for both student and parent.

  • Communication will be made to parents in a timely manner.

  • I will notify parents on how to help their child practice and prepare for each week’s lesson.

Parent Expectations:

  • Be active in your child’s musical adventure.

  • Be on time to each lesson.

  • Attend all lessons, if possible.

  • Help establish a daily practice routine for your child.

  • Establish a “no quitting” rule in order to help your child get over the learning hurdles music can bring.

Student Expectations:

  • Come to each lesson prepared and ready to learn.

  • Practice the required amount each day/week. (The amount of practice time will be determined by your teacher.)

  • Follow directions given to you by your teacher and/or parent.

  • Have a positive attitude and do your best.

Leaving the Studio and Termination:


Music is very hard and students may want to quit instead of working over the hurdles that can seem daunting. Please discuss this concern with me prior to making a final decision. Usually things can be worked out through a simple sit-down with the three of us. However, if for some reason you no longer wish to be a part of this studio, please inform me at least one month in advance so I can fill your time slot with another student on the wait list.


** Please note, pre-paid tuition will not be reimbursed if a student leaves in the middle of the month or a session. **

In addition, I reserve the right to terminate lessons with a student if after I have notified you and provided time to correct the issue, the problem still persists. This may include, but not limited to:

  • A consistent bad attitude (negative comments, talking back, etc)

  • Lack of interest in lessons or during lessons and coming unprepared to lessons.

  • Lack of dependability (missing lessons consistently)

  • Missed payments (more than two months)



Performances are an important part of a student’s musical education. It allows them to set goals and prepare their music with a timeline in mind. There will be 2 – 3 recitals each year that are required for your child to participate in. I will be coaching students as we get closer to the recitals on overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety. Students wishing to not play a solo will be given the option of playing a duet or part of the group classes.




If I receive a referral that produces a new student (at least one month of lessons or one group class,) the student/parent that made the referral will receive credit for one lesson on the following month’s bill.

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