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Renting an Instrument:


Learning an instrument is hard, but learning on a quality instrument that is properly sized will make it a little easier. For students in the beginning and intermediate level, I strongly suggest renting an instrument from a local music store. Most stores offer a rent-to-own program where 100% of the payment goes towards the purchase of the instrument. Many offer insurance for an affordable price that covers any accidents! These programs also allow for students to trade in their instruments for the next size up as they continue to grow. The following stores are recommended for rental:


Denver Violins

(303) 529-6561

Luther Strings

(720) 510-3184


The following online music dealer is a great option as well for both renting and purchasing. (For parents wanting to purchase an instrument but still want a trade-in option for future instrument sizes, I am happy to help with what size instrument to purchase!)


Shar Music



Purchasing and Instrument:

While purchasing an instrument from Amazon, EBAY or non-music store may seem like a good deal, most instruments from these retailers are virtually unplayable. Additionally, instruments in multiple colors, while fun looking, are also unplayable.


*** If you or your child are an advanced player or going into the advanced level, I am happy to work with you to find the perfect instrument in the price range you prefer. ***

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