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Private Lessons

- Violin: Beginning - Advanced

- Viola: Beginning - Advanced

- Cello: Beginning - Intermediate


Private lessons are for anyone ages 5 and older who wish to receive individual attention while learning an instrument. Private lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of each student and are taught in a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment. Lesson goals are discussed during the first lesson and can be geared towards: All-State Orchestra, youth orchestras, college auditions or just plain enjoyment.



The first lesson is always free so we can determine if my studio is the right one for you. Lesson length will be decided after the trial lesson.

Lessons are charged monthly!

30 Minute Lesson: $35.00 per week

45 Minute Lesson: $45.00 per week

60 Minute Lesson: $60.00 per week 


I have worked with Lindsay for 4 wonderful years. She taught me extremely well and I was able to play my cello with confidence challenging myself throughout the years. I highly recommend!

 -  Sarah S. 

Lindsay has so many wonderful qualities as a musician and teacher and is one of the most professional, yet down to earth instructors that I have met. She keeps the lessons fun and holds her students to high standards. I've never met someone who is so dedicated to their craft and shows a deep passion like Lindsay does. Her high standards are set because she believes in her students. Anyone who has worked with Lindsay is very special and they will be better at any their instrument and a stronger musician after working with her. 

- Kenna C.

Lindsay is amazing! Not everyone who is a talented musician makes a good teacher. Lindsay is gifted in both talent and teaching. She taught my daughter with technical instruction that was also fun and creative. We still sing some of the catchy songs Lindsay made up to accompany different violin rhythms my daughter was learning. Lindsay is nurturing and professional. She’s great with kids and an expert musician. Even when we moved away from Lindsay to a different town, she made an effort to spend time with my daughter and fit in a visit whenever our paths crossed. She cared and valued the relationship. I am certain my daughter’s love for music is in large part due to the contribution Lindsay made as a teacher.

  - Jenny M.

Lindsay has been a wonderful teacher who takes care to facilitate quality learning with her students. The times when I struggled with a particular aspect of the music, she was gracious in helping equip me with the skills and tools to learn at my own pace. I would be both proud and grateful to have Lindsay as my violin teacher!

  - Daniel R.

I love working with Lindsay! I’m a 24 year old with no musical experience whatsoever but she has made learning enjoyable and taught me so much in a fairly short period! Definitely recommend.

   - Desiree G.